Growth Groups

Growth Groups

Growth groups allow Christians to mature and have their character molded by God through worship, fellowship, and prayers with fellow believers. Not only are growth groups a place where friendships are made, but an excellent way for those who are new in the faith, or seeking to discover the riches that the Bible offers through in-depth studies each week.

Our growth groups comprise of many walks of life, from young professional adults, to families. We encourage you to reach out to one of our growth group leaders below if you are interested in learning more about the God we adore, and how you too can develop a personal relationship with Him.              


Contact Braxton B.

Bible N' Brunch

Contact Janice M.

Be My Witness (BMW)

Contact Clint M.

Cross Driven

Contact Nick S.


Contact Derrick M.

Legacy Builders

Contact Reia

Red Deer Care Group

Contact Pastor Allan S.

Saddleridge Care Group

Contact Precy

Saving Grace

Contact Cindy

Today God is First (TGIF)

Contact Arnel C.

YAB5 (Young Adults)

Contact Joanna G.

Youth Bible Study

Contact Gary V.