April 22, 2017

Pastor Cliff Gonzales

It seems that everyone wants to know the future. Most people today are looking for details about the future. Things like: Are we going to get married? Are we going to have children? Are we going to be rich? Are we going to get sick? Are we going to be successful? However, most people had no interest in talking about their eternal destinies. They didn't want to hear about what mattered most. Are you ready for whatever may happen in your life this coming week or this year? Are you prepared for what may happen in the world in the next three, five, or then years? Are you absolutely certain of where your life will be in eternity.?

Matthew 24:3-35

Take Away Notes

  1. Trust in the Authority of Christ.
  2. Persevere in the Power of Christ.
  3. Long for the Coming of Christ.

Study Guide

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