April 29, 2017

Pastor Allan Santos

How do you handle unexpected challenges that come your way? Do you quickly react or do you quiet yourself first and seek God's guidance? All of us have different ways in dealing with unfortunate circumstances, but one thing is for sure - our reaction will reveal our true character and principles in life. In our passage today, Jesus gave us a good example on how to handle our unexpected challenges with stillness and with complete dependency to the Lord.

Mark 6:30-44

Take Away Notes

  1. Accept Jesus' offer of stillness and rest in your life. (6:30-32)
  2. Acknowledge and be grateful of God's sufficiency as and care in your life. (6:33-38)
  3. Appreciate the satisfaction and provision that the Lord is giving you. (6:39-44)

Life Applications

  1. Give yourself time to rest physically and be revived spiritually
  2. Always remember that the Lord cares and will help you during times of challenges in your life.
  3. The Lord will always provide and sustain us as we follow and live out His will in our life.

Study Guide

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