May 20, 2017

Pastor Cliff Gonzales

Whether we know it or not all of us are involved in building something in this world. What have you built so far? What are you building now? What do you plan of building still? Jesus came to inaugurate His kingdom by proclaiming the message of the gospel to the faithful followers who would carry this message to all people.

Mark 1:14-20

Take Away Notes

  1. Proclaim the good news of God (vv.14-15)
    1. The time is fulfiled
    2. The kingdom of God is at hand
    3. Repent
    4. Believe in the Gospel
  2. Perceive the people called by God (vv.16-20)
    1. Jesus calls v:17; Mark 8:34
    2. Jesus commissions
  3. Pursue the only true master (vv.17-18, 20)
    1. Who He is
    2. What He does