July 1, 2017

Pastor Allan Santos

How do you hear the voice of the Lord in your life? Where or from whom do you find encouragement when you are discouraged and feeling defeated? I do believe that the Lord will always be there to uplift us from discouragement because He called us to have a life that has meaning, power and purpose, for His glory. Let us reflect on how God revealed himself to Elijah in times of doubt, uncertainties, pressure and worries. Let us be reminded once again that when we are facing many troubles in life, God is not far away from us. Instead, He speaks in a “low whisper,” which we should heed and follow just what like Elijah did.

1 Kings 19:9-18

Take Away Notes

  1. Elijah fled from God’s leading because of disappointm ents. (vv.9-10)
  2. Elijah listened attentively to God’s "low whisper". (vv.11-13)
  3. Elijah heeded and pursued God's command in spite of uncertainties. (vv.14-18)

Life Applications

  1. Do not run away from God when you are experiencing uncertainties and discouragement in life.
  2. Learn to depend on God's strength and faithfulness in difficult situations.
  3. Listen and understand God’s low whisper to you each day

Study Guide

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