July 29, 2017

Pastor Cliff Gonzales

When church leaders are casual about God and holiness and mission, the church will fall short in these areas. And people who have never heard the name of Jesus will continue to be unreached with the gospel. However if church leaders are passionate about biblical truths, then the church will be strengthened, and souls around the world will be transformed by the gospel through the church’s witness.

1 Timothy 3:1-13

Take Away Notes

Two Primary Leadership Roles in the Church

  1. Elders servant leaders
  2. Deacons leading servants

Nonnegotiable About Church Leadership

  1. Designed by God
  2. Designed to be dependent on His Gospel

Responsibilities of Elders

  1. Lead under the authority of Christ
  2. Care for the body of Christ
  3. Teach the word of Christ
  4. Model the character of Christ

Responsibilities of Deacons

  1. They meet needs according to the Word
  2. They support the ministry of the Word
  3. They unify the body around the Word

Qualifications of deacons

  1. They must have a mission mind-set.
  2. They must have a Christ-like character.