October 21, 2017

Pastor Allan Santos

Are you obeying God’s calling in your life to know and serve Him? What are the things that you are learning as you obey the Lord? As Christians, we need to learn that our service to the Lord would reveal how much we love Him and how fully committed we are to Him. Moses was called by the Lord to accomplish His great plan for His people. His life was an example of how to listen to the Lord’s voice, how to be strong in accomplishing God’s work and how to overcome our limitations and weaknesses through the Lord’s help.

Exodus 3:1-22

Take Away Notes

  1. Learn to be sensitive to the Lord's voice. (vv. 1-4)
  2. Live to obey God’s call in your life. (vv.6-12)
  3. Labor and be strong In accomplishing God's work. (vv.13-18)
  4. Lean on God’s sovereignty and protection as you follow Him in your life. (vv.19-22)

Life Applications

  1. Make it a priority to wait and to hear the Lord's message in your life each day.
  2. Be ready to make sacrifices as we advance God’s call and mission.
  3. Remember the Lord's sovereignty in your life if you are discouraged and heavy burdened