November 11, 2017

Pastor Allan Santos

Welcome to our new preaching series called “Immeasurable Living.” One of the primary goals for this series is for us to be challenged to demonstrate our faith, hope and love towards others by the way we live and respond during challenging times. How is your faith being tested today? What are the challenging battles that you are facing in your life? Are you listening and depending on the Lord’s sovereignty and instructions as you face your battles? Tonight, let us study how prophet Elijah showed his immeasurable faith in the Lord when he faced the battle with Jezebel and the prophets of Baal.

1 KINGS 18:20-40

Take Away Notes

  1. Elijah's Compelling Faith (vv. 20-24)
  2. Elijah's Confident Faith (vv.25-35)
  3. Elijah's Confirmation Of His Immeasurable Faith (vv.36-40)

Life Applications

  1. Trust in the Lord wholeheartedly in times of challenging situations because He knows our daily battles in life.
  2. Learn to make a stand for your faith especially if others are questioning it.
  3. Always remember that the Lord will always deliver and answer our prayers as and if we live in the center of His will.