December 9, 2017

Pastor Allan Santos

How do you honor the Lord in your life today? Do you praise Him even in the midst of battles that you are facing each day? The first Christmas will give us a great account of how a couple, the angels and the shepherds gave their respect and reverence to the Savior of the world. Join me tonight and let us reflect on how the characters of the Christmas story showed their happiness and excitement as they met and greeted the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Luke 2:8-21

Take Away Notes

  1. Honor The Lord By Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zones As You Serve Him. (VV. 1-7)
  2. Honor The Lord Through Your Worship And By Sharing The Good News Of Salvation. (VV. 8-14)
  3. Honor The Lord By Rejoicing In His Goodness And Faithfullness. (VV. 6-20

Life Applications

  1. Allow the Lord to mature you as He takes you out of your comfort zones.
  2. Don’t allow your day to pass by without truly worshipping the Lord in your heart and mind.
  3. Learn to rejoice at all times as you serve and follow God in your life.