February 10, 2018

Pastor Allan Santos

How do you exalt Christ in your life today? Do you still live for Him every day or do you live your life now in your selfish way? A lot of us Christians always tell others that we believe and follow Jesus as our Savior, but are we committed to His calling and purpose in our lives? The life of John the Baptist will demonstrate to us a life that is indeed under the supremacy and lordship of Jesus Christ. He declared from his heart that "He (Jesus) must increase and I must decrease" (John 3:30).

John 3:22-36

Take Away Notes

  1. I Will Engage To Serve Jesus Sincerely. (vv.22-24)
  2. I Will Elevate Jesus Lordship In My Life. (vv.25-30)
  3. I Will Establish And Submit To Jesus’ Supremacy In My life. (vv.31-36)
    • Christ's heavenly orgin (v.31)
    • Christ's heavenly testimony (vv.32-33)
    • Christ's heavenly words (v.34)
    • Christ's heavenly over our lives (vv.35-36)

Life Applications

  1. Ask the Lord for forgiveness if you feel that you are serving the Lord half heartedly.
  2. Always remember that Jesus should be first in your life.
  3. Commit to glorify Jesus by challenging people in your life to become a disciple of Him too.