May 12, 2018

Pastor Allan Santos

Have you ever experienced to be helpless? You had a lot of responsibilities to perform and deliver but you were down, discouraged and broken in Spirit? Most of us experienced these things in our life, but we praise the Lord because He is our hope and strength whenever we are facing these things. Moses was called by the Lord to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt and Pharaoh's hands. However, Moses felt that he is not suited for the job because he is not a good speaker and communicator and felt that the task was too great. But the Lord encouraged and strengthened him with His guidance and protection over Pharaoh and the rest of Egypt.

Exodus 6-7:1

Take Away Notes

  1. Remember That God Is In Control Of Every Situation (exodus 6:1-13)
  2. Respond Positively To God's Empowerment In Your Life (exodus 6:28-7:7)
  3. Refuse To Be Disheartened By Challenging People And Circumstances (exodus 7:8-13)
  4. Rely On God's Direction And Grace In Tough Conditions (exodus 7:20-25)

Life Applications

  1. Run to the Lord for help when you are disappointed, angry, confused and disheartened.
  2. Trust that the Lord will deliver you from even the toughest condition that you are in today.
  3. Listen to the Lord's guidance in your life each day.